ESF Project

The development and implementation of a digital tool to perform implemented personality analyses, avoiding all forms of discrimination


... the research and development of a digital platform and a White paper with the aim of guiding and coaching women in function of personalized jobs in the digital world.


... research to deepen relevant factors of entrepreneurial competencies including innovation, financial and digital literacy, and sustainable entrepreneurship in function of a circular economy. ©



The employment policy of the EU member states is coordinated by the European Union. Europe closely monitors member states' progress in meeting their Europe 2020 targets. Member States that fall behind receive recommendations and must take action. The EU itself also allocates funds to member states to help them meet the Europe 2020 goals and targets. These funds come from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). The European Social Fund is one of these ESIF funds and by far the most important one for Flanders.


With the Europe 2020 strategy as the overarching framework, the EU defined a number of thematic targets and investment priorities, a kind of menu of choices that forms the basis for negotiations between the European Commission and the member states on the priorities and scope of the various operational ESIF programs. During these negotiations, an agreement is found between what Europe definitely wants to see in the program and what the member state itself considers to be the highest priority. What Flanders considers a priority can be found in various policy documents such as the Flemish Coalition Agreement, the policy notes of the ministers, Pact 2020, the Flemish Reform Program.


This is how, based on these European and Flemish policy goals, the ESF program finally came about. Between 2014 and 2020, this program will invest just under one billion euros in the Flemish labor market. 378 million of this will be financed by the ESF.

The Decree

The Decree of the Flemish Government on support for projects within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund can be found in the attachment.


About gender

The concept of gender should be clearly understood as a socio-cultural, transversal, and overarching variable. Gender is a mechanism that cannot be known merely by perceiving the observable.