ESF Partners

Artlab, which aims to analyze socio-cultural conflicts and offer relevant solutions, has been commissioned by the European Social Fund (ESF) to develop and implement a digital tool to carry out persistent personality analyses, avoiding all forms of discrimination: language, origin, gender, cultural background, environmental influences, education, religion, etc.


The Emotional Response Tool (ERT) is based on a non-final database consisting of all kinds of abstract art forms, both visual and acoustic, that trigger psycho-emotional reflexes. By means of Deep Learning (A.I.), depth-analysis profiles are generated in which subconscious choices can be discovered, which, in turn, offer new professional possibilities.


A second part of the project is the research and development of a digital platform and a White paper with the aim of guiding and coaching women for personalized jobs in the digital world.


Together with our national partner Syntra Flanders and our transnational partners SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation from Bulgaria and Garantia Jovem from Portugal, research is being done to deepen relevant factors of entrepreneurial competencies including innovation, financial and digital literacy, and sustainable entrepreneurship in function of a circular economy.



Encourage and develop the entrepreneurial spirit and the private initiative

The SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit organization registered under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act, established to perform public service aimed at the development and promotion of the civil society. 


The main activities of the SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation are related to:


  • creation of information materials and databases, development of studies, manuals, analyses and strategies;
  • support of social initiatives, projects of NGOs and entrepreneurs;
  • organizing and participating in workshops, roundtables, conferences and other thematic forums, organizing seminars and trainings;
  • creation and development of networks for cooperation and participation in such networks, exchange of experiences, mutual training and partnership initiatives;
  • disseminating information and promoting public debate, research and promotion of "good practices" and innovative approaches to entrepreneurs in Bulgaria.


SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation has a trained and responsible team of experts, teachers and specialists in various fields - finance, marketing, intellectual property, resource management and development of specialized software applications. Well versed in the procedures for working on projects funded under various programs, we support and help Bulgarian entrepreneurs improve their market positions, create and develop partnerships, modernize their technological resources, improve working conditions, receive grants and run a social and modern business in Bulgaria.




What is GarantiaJovem?

The GarantiaJovem is the answer to high youth unemployment. It is a commitment that gradually and within 4 months after the young person leaves the education system or the labor market, offers him or her a job, further education, professional training, or an internship.


The GarantiaJovem is not a guarantee of employment. However, it is intended to give young people the opportunity to test their qualifications and be in contact with the labor market as soon as possible, in order to combat inactivity and unemployment of young people.


Consult the framework legislation for the implementation of the GarantiaJovem in Portugal - Resolution 104/2013 of the Council of December 31

What are the main objectives?

GarantiaJovem has 3 main objectives:

  • Increasing your youth skills
  • Facilitate the transition to the labor market
  • Reduce youth unemployment

For whom?

  • If you are under 30 years old
  • If you are not working 
  • If you are not studying, doing an apprenticeship or a traineeship

Then the GarantiaJovem is for you!

In Portugal, the GarantiaJovem supports young people up to 29 years old who are not working and are not part of the education and training system.

What it offers to young people

Depending on your preferences and needs, Youth Guarantee offers you different opportunities to participate in education, training and employment. If you do not know what to make of your future GarantiaJovem, it can also help you. There is a network of partners who can support you in your choices.


The Flemish Agency for Entrepreneurship Training - SYNTRA Flanders is the agency of the Flemish government that ensures and promotes a qualitative, innovative and labor market-oriented competence development of young people and adults in function of more and stronger entrepreneurship in Flanders. The Agency acts as a neutral director of the work component in dual learning and facilitates and supports the various partners and parties in this field. The objective is to provide qualitative and sustainable workplaces.


Websites van SYNTRA Vlaanderen

SYNTRA Flanders wants to share its knowledge in function of the needs of its stakeholders. Therefore, the knowledge platform ODIN was developed. ODIN stands for Entrepreneurial Competencies and Dual Learning INsights and includes three sections: 'research & policy', 'expert has his say' and ‘numbers explained'. Each section contains short, powerful, and well-founded contributions.

With the IdeaalDuaal competition, we focus on the learner, the student, and the company, because they know best how the learning of the future should develop. The goal of IdeaalDuaal is to build a bridge between the worlds of education and business. With IdeaalDuaal, we are looking for ideas that support learning in multiple learning contexts.
With the Flemish campaign Duaal Leren, we want to work on raising awareness about dual learning, the positioning of dual learning as a strong brand, and activate schools, students and companies to step into the story of dual learning.

As an employer, you are an indispensable link. You help young people complete their education, you prepare them optimally for the labor market and you help train the employees of the future!

This tool consists of two parts; it maps out supply and demand of workplaces and is also an innovative prospection tool. RadarDuaal is aimed at sector consultants and workplace supervisors and account managers of SYNTRA Flanders.
Surf to SYNTRA Flanders' press platform for press releases and more.

About gender

The concept of gender should be clearly understood as a socio-cultural, transversal, and overarching variable. Gender is a mechanism that cannot be known merely by perceiving the observable.